Shortly after the wedding, Bian Tari asked to sign an agreement on stamp duty which stipulated that its budget was only one year. After that, Tari divorces and Bian returns to Sarah`s arms. The marriage agreement is also useful thanks to Archie`s flexibility to put Tari in a hijab. While she is only at home with her husband (a maid named Bi Darmi, played by Yati Surachman, who is not visible on screen), Tari does not wear a headscarf. After the recent success of the film Dua Garis Biru, which marked the production of his third film, which exceeded 1 million viewers after the films Yowis Ben 2 and Ghost Writer, the production company of Starvision immediately gassed the release of the next film, which is a romantic drama called Wedding Agreement. On the other hand, Bian still meets Sarah and promises to marry Sarah after Bian and Tari`s divorce, Sarah refuses first because she doesn`t want to be a home wreck, Sarah is finally ready to wait. Bian teaches Sarah to drive a car, but still asks Sarah to be careful when driving, because they have been dated for 5 years, Sarah was still on Bian`s shuttle. The film Wedding Agreement provides instructions and lessons from these four things when building a domestic biduk. Even if the couple we are sanitized by the fruits of matchmaking, it is certainly not easy to start a new life together.

Although the story itself is based on the bestsy novel by Eria Chuzaimiah (Mia Chuz) with the same title Wedding Agreement. It is fascinating to see because the dramatic illustrations of the romance around it, presented without the intention of guardianship, but full of entertainment easy to enjoy. Btari`s fictional marital marriage takes place in the hope that Byan truly loves him and that Sarah (Aghniny Haque) will abandon his girlfriend. They must even pretend to be happy in front of Pakde Btari (Mathias Muchus) and Budenya (Ria Irawan), who visit the house and in front of Byan`s family during the Arisans. Their secret is almost solved because Byan`s cousin, Aldi (Jeff Smith), who is also Sarah`s friend, is wary of Byan`s relationship with Sarah. At the age of her marriage, Btari was increasingly desperate and had learned to let go of her fate, while Byan faced a difficult choice.

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