The company reimburses you for any reasonable normal fees you have under the company`s refund policies. There is no remuneration or reimbursement of any kind from the company for expenses you have incurred in connection with your employment or the performance of your services in connection with this activity, unless they are approved in writing by the Company. During the term of the employment, the business manager has the right to be reimbursed without delay by the company for all reasonable and unsuslected expenses in the performance of the benefits under this agreement, provided that the Board of Directors provides the accounts and statements required by the company`s policy. It is recognized that as of the date of this agreement, the company`s policy requires the annual review of these expenses by the audit committee of the board of directors by the audit committee, which is currently under review by all senior managers of the company. The spending clause explains how costs (travel, equipment, etc.) are covered as part of the agreement. Whether each party simply pays its own expenses, one party reimburses the other, or one party forwards the costs to the other. . [ENUMERATED LIST OF TERMINATION EVENTS ON WHICH THE TERMINATION FEE IS OWED] ..

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