Industry “consultation” focuses more on product development such as a Memorandum of Understanding, Agreement or Exploration Agreement (for which there are different titles). Industry consultation leads to agreements that ultimately lay the groundwork for current relationships. Not all First Nations should be seen as ingirs with similar interests or priorities; sustainable communication helps to understand the unique perspectives. Understanding the unique political, social, economic and environmental context of each First Nation can help build partnerships between industry and First Nations. While the framework agreement provides a framework in which each of Yukon`s 14 First Nations will reach a final claims settlement agreement, all provisions of the UFA are part of each First Nation final agreement (FNF). The final agreements contain the entire text of the framework agreement with the addition of specific provisions applicable to the First Nation. Other provisions of the Land Claims Agreement are the abolition of tax exemptions for the Yukon First Nations (effective January 1, 2001), a limitation on the hunting rights of other Aboriginal people in the traditional territory of any first nation, etc., in areas of Canada where Aboriginal land rights were not governed by previous contracts or other legal means. In the Yukon, a number of modern contracts of the future, also known as final agreements, have been negotiated to settle these land rights. “Commitment” is about building relationships in which the parties understand each other`s interests. The commitment will continue before and after agreements are signed.

It is the ongoing commitment and commitment of a meeting between school leaders or their delegates to ensure that agreements are respected and that people stay in touch. Continuous cooperation allows the parties to adapt to the changes that inevitably occur in the environment or in the exploration program. Any land agreement is accompanied by a self-management agreement that gives First Nations the right to legislate in a number of areas. These agreements give First Nations the power to control and direct their own affairs and outline a First Nation`s ability to assume responsibility for providing programs or services to its citizens. [8] If a mineral exploration company takes the necessary steps to understand the Yukon environment and works with Yukon`s key partners, Yukon and First Nations governments, positive results can be achieved for both parties. Indeed, it can very well complement the growing direction of thinking between First Nations, industry and society. This harmonization suggests that, if conducted with respect and inclusion, it can develop positive relationships between the exploration industry and First Nations, relationships that can bring direct benefits to Yukon`s long-term economic development. There are several examples where the mineral exploration industry and First Nations have achieved respectful and beneficial relationships. The most recent examples are the cooperation and utility agreement between Prophecy Platinum Corp and Kluane First Nation; Victoria Gold Corp. and the Na-Cho Nyak Dun First Nation Comprehensive Cooperation and Utility Agreement; Strategic Metals and the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations mining exploration agreement.

Yukon Country`s claims refer to the process of negotiating and executing Aboriginal land claim agreements in Yukon, Canada, between First Nations and the federal government.

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