Owners should be very careful when developing their own rental agreement. In the spirit of our common law, no formality is required for the conclusion of a valid lease, but there are certain specific clauses that should include a lease agreement: 4.1 the names and recipients of the parties for the purposes of formal disclosure; 4.2 description of the property; 4.3 the amount of rent; 4.4 An appropriate escalation in the amount of rent; 4.5 The frequency of payments; 4.6 the amount of the down payment, if any; 4.7 the time to rent or notice; 4.8 Information on the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant, as noted above; 4.9 Information on the amount of fees to be paid in addition to the rent. A written tenancy agreement guarantees adequate protection for both the landlord and the tenant. It is in the interest of both parties to have a full lease that can answer tenant-owner questions. Here is a list of the points that must be included in a lease agreement: a written agreement stipulating that a person (“debtor”) owes a sum of money (“debts”) to another person or entity (“creditors”). It also defines how debts will be repaid. Leasing contracts differ in large part in terms of the types of agreements that can be entered into. The structure of a lease is influenced by the landlord`s preference as well as the current legal situation and developments in the real estate sector. Below are the different types of leases and the circumstances in which it should be used for each species: 10.1 Lease of a furnished or unfurnished apartment – an owner who rents a furnished apartment has the right to charge a higher rent. A well-furnished property can reach a rental sum of between 15% and 25% more than an unfurnished property. This type of rent is generally attractive to tenants with more money to spend. On the other hand, unfurnished housing would be significantly cheaper and would generally benefit tenants who work on a smaller budget. In South Africa, there is a much higher demand for uninhabited rents; Models of rental contracts for housing contracts should be your main starting point to start writing this contract.

We offer several rental models to meet all your requirements. 10.2 The lease of a furnished house and an unfurnished house – the same bases that apply to the rental of a furnished or unfurnished apartment apply to the rental of a furnished or unfurnished house; 10.3 Sublease contract – it is an agreement by which the tenant leases the property or part of the property to third parties.

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