Lost or Stolen Cards: See Lost or Stolen Cards section. Save your card number and keep it secure and separate from the card. Issuer: Amex Bank of Canada. Call us for free at 1-800-505-6849 or contact us online at www.americanexpress.ca/gift American Express suspends all rights to outstanding accounts for 60 days. The waiver of liability is invoked by McGill University and the card is cancelled. Offender fees are deducted from outstanding accounts. American Express may deny access to ATMs and ATMs to any holder whose account is in arre your account. A tax of $1.00 per transaction plus 2% of the withdrawal amount is charged to the cardholder. Transaction fees are individual liability and are not reimbursed by the university.

The monthly amount must be paid by the cardholder in total 30 days after the date of the invoice. Offender fees are charged by American Express on outstanding accounts. The American Express Cardholder Agreement regulates the application of delivery charges. Implementation of the arbitration/administrator selection procedure: If you have a right, you must try to resolve it in accordance with the steps described in the claim procedure part of this Agreement. If your claim is still unresolved after following these steps and you wish to pursue it, you must resolve it through binding arbitration. The only exception is if you follow the “Small Claims Proceedings” section below. Arbitration follows the rules of the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. (the administrator) or its successors. For a copy of the rules to submit a claim or to obtain further information about the administrator, please contact: ADR Institute, 234 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1K5; E-mail: admin@adrcanada.ca. Before we start a claim, we have the right to modify or replace the administrator and the rules at our sole discretion. Lost or stolen cards: If your card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately at 1-800-505-6849. You must provide the card number and all the other information we ask to replace a lost or stolen card.

Subject to our agreement, if there is a credit available on the card, we will cancel the card and send you a replacement card with the balance available on your card when you have informed us that it has been lost/stolen. We can request a receipt to make a refund or a replacement exposure. NO RECUNDEN ODER REPLACEMENT CARDS WERDEN ZU COVER AMOUNTS DEBITED FROM YOUR LOST/STOLEN CARD PRIOR TO THE TIME YOU NOTIFIED US. We reserve the right to refuse the issuance of a replacement card for lost or stolen cards. Cash advances can be obtained through the Express Cash Program. Amex cardholders receive a personal identification number (PIN) that allows direct access to cash through ATMs. Split Tender: Depending on the merchant`s policies, you can use the card with another payment method, such as cash, cheque or other card, to make a purchase.

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